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Your First Consultation


What Should You Expect?

The primary goal of the Functional Medicine Initial Consultation is to gather information about you in a mindful and comprehensive way. This process actually starts before your consultation, with the completion of New Patient Intake Forms and the gathering of medical information from prior providers.

During the Initial Consultation, we’ll spend up to two hours reviewing your lifestyle habits, relationships, medical history, and current health complaints. Towards the end of the session, we’ll discuss whether laboratory analysis will be needed. Sometimes simple treatment measures will be recommended immediately, otherwise treatment will be reserved until after all the information has been gathered and thoughtfully considered.

Your Initial Exam

Upon leaving the Initial Consultation, you will schedule your Initial Exam to occur within the following week. Patients traveling from a longer distance should have their exam scheduled the same day as their Initial Consultation to reduce the need for additional travel.

The Initial Exam takes 40 minutes, is performed by Dr. Tom, and is tailored to complement the information gathered during your consultation. We ask that you bring comfortable undergarments and a pair of shorts to the exam. The physical exam portion is focused on screening for different conditions, and looking for signs of altered nutritional status and metabolism.