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Why Functional Medicine?

Headlines convince us that we are victims of unfortunate genetics and bad luck. We are bombarded with the idea that disease just happens, without cause, bringing uncontrollable suffering and consequences. So, the diagnosis of a chronic disease such as an autoimmune, cardiovascular, or metabolic condition can leave a patient feeling helpless.

Too many of us have felt this way.

Typically, conventional doctors prescribe drugs to manage the disease and its symptoms. These drugs can be dangerous and have unpleasant side effects. When a patient wants to know more about the causes of their disease, other treatment options, or ways to avoid drug interactions, they are often left with few answers.

There are big players with big pockets and big money dominating the medical media machine. Are you buying their stories?

This dysfunctional approach has led many to seek alternative and integrative treatment methods. While some patients may find relief through these methods, many more experience fleeting, incomplete, or no resolution to their conditions. This happens for many reasons, but primarily because even alternative methods can fail to treat the root cause of conditions.

Functional Medicine (FM) is a new way of thinking about health, which begins with actually discovering root causes of conditions. Using conventional, alternative, and integrative treatment techniques in intelligent, combined applications, FM encourages actionable paths towards wellness and sustained vitality.


Get to the source of your suffering and start living the way you were meant to.