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What is Functional Medicine?

Your journey towards optimum health and wellness can be . . .

  • Comprehensive

  • Personalized

  • Affordable

Functional Medicine (FM) is a new way of thinking about health and vitality.

By using a systems-based approach to uncover each patient’s unique imbalances and stresses, FM practitioners are able to perform more comprehensive assessments and create fully customized health plans.

Finding balance in your nutrition, exercise habits, stress management, rest, spirituality, relationships and mind is powerful. And it’s what FM is all about.

In this way, FM works above and beyond diagnosis, and is not limited by defined conventional or alternative treatment options. Rather, FM incorporates the latest findings from genetic science, systems biology, and how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of disease, into proposed treatment plans.

Patient-centered. Not diagnosis-obsessed.

So what does this all mean, in action? A “different approach to your health,” FM enables patient and practitioner to work together to address underlying causes of disease, formulate a path forward, and empower the patient to confidently take control of their own health.