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Program Rates and Fees


All new patients must have an Initial Consultation and Exam with Dr. Tom.


Initial Consultation (2 Hours): $200.00 + tax

Initial Physical Exam (40 minutes): $100.00 + tax


Once you have completed these initial steps, there are two options:

TCFM Membership — $85.00 + tax/month for 12 months. This membership includes 24/7 access to Dr. Tom through a secure patient portal, scheduled phone visits, and scheduled office visits. Couple and Family Rates are available.

Hourly Rate — $300.00 + tax/hour. Patients can schedule phone or office visits, ranging from 20-80 minutes in duration depending on patient needs.

During this phase, we initiate treatment and continually reevaluate and update methods as necessary. Since most of our patients require coaching, education, guidance, monitoring, and reevaluation for at least one year, we strongly encourage opting for the TCFM Membership.

*High resolution video consults are available after the in-person Initial Consultation and Exam, and will incur an additional fee.

Additional Costs?

Laboratory analysis is often required to assess a patient’s unique biochemistry and to objectively understand their body’s expression. We depend mainly on laboratories that work with insurance, to help minimize out-of-pocket costs. However, not all labs accept all insurance plans or carriers, so additional costs are possible.

Also, supplements are frequently part of treatment plans and should be an anticipated, additional cost.

Long-Distance Patient?

State Licensing and medical boards require that the Initial Consultation and Exam be done in-office/in-person. Following this, all treatment and follow-up visits can be done by video (with additional fee assessed), phone, or secure, patient portal communication.