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Is TCFM right for you?

TCFM offers a full array of services to patients with chronic disease, patients wanting to optimize their health and performance, or patients seeking a more holistic approach to healthcare.

Suffering from Chronic Disease?

If you suffer from a condition with no clear diagnosis, have been newly diagnosed and are uncomfortable with your treatment options, or have a long-standing disease and are looking for a new option, TCFM can help. Functional medicine thrives in the treatment and management of all types of chronic diseases.

Wanting to Optimize your Health or Performance?

The programs at TCFM can help you achieve a higher state of health. It can be hard to balance optimum levels of performance and health, but TCFM can offer a personalized healthcare approach specific to your genetics, biochemistry, and lifestyle factors.

Want a more holistic Healthcare Option?

A Functional Medicine approach improves function and truly balances the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. All of our personalized therapeutic plans are created with this goal in mind.