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How does Functional Medicine work?

Functional Medicine is patient-centered. The first step in our process is gathering information about the patient: materials from previous providers, thorough intake forms, taking an extensive medical history, questionnaires, a physical exam, and laboratory analysis.

We do this in order to understand a patient’s story well enough to decipher the unique inter-relationships and nuances that impact health challenges.

The next step is collaborating with the patient and initiating appropriate and effective therapeutic interventions to treat the unveiled imbalances. Therapies could include lifestyle modifications, nutritional supplement or herbal therapies, medications, procedures, or referrals.

Functional Medicine aligns with you, your evolution, and your goals.

A patient’s progress is then tracked to make sure the therapeutic approach is a good fit. We continually reevaluate and update therapeutic interventions as the process, and the patient’s health, evolves.


What higher levels of health are possible for you?